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Rotary Kiln Maintenance Skills: Teach You How to Extend the Life of Rotary Kiln!


Rotary kiln is also called rotary calcining kiln and rotary kiln. It is very important to buy a high-quality rotary kiln, but the maintenance of the rotary kiln in the process of use is more important, which can prolong the service life of the rotary kiln! What is the safe use of rotary kiln? How to use it safely and effectively, which is also the manifestation of prolonging the service life of machinery. Then, how to maintain it? Hongke heavy industry gives you some skills to maintain the rotary kiln.

1、 Check whether the gas and cooling water pipes are leaking, leaking or blocked. If there is any problem, it shall be repaired in time. During maintenance, the "tag" maintenance system shall be implemented. The words "someone works, do not start" shall be written on the board, and the power supply shall be cut off in case.

2、 When the kiln is stopped for maintenance, the maintenance team leader of each part shall obtain the maintenance "work permit" from the special person in charge of the kiln. Before the kiln is rotated, the maintenance personnel of each part must be notified to sort out the tools. All personnel must stay away from their posts and withdraw the "work permit" before the kiln can be rotated. In case of unsafe conditions, the maintenance team leader of the unsafe part shall be responsible. If it is unsafe to turn the kiln without receiving the work permit, the kiln operator shall be responsible. After the rotary kiln is completed, send the maintenance "work permit" to each maintenance post at any time to show that the rotary kiln is completed before continuing the maintenance. When the maintenance is completed, the maintenance "work permit" shall be immediately returned to the person in charge of kiln rotation, and pass the acceptance and commissioning.

3、 Before starting the equipment, be sure to contact the personnel of relevant posts and start it with consent. Equipment in operation cannot be crossed or repaired. When it is not clear whether the equipment is running, it is not allowed to test by hand and foot contact to avoid being hurt by the running machine.

4、 Pay attention to equipment operation, gas combustion and raw material drying. In case of sudden fire extinguishing in the combustion chamber, close the gas valve immediately to avoid gas poisoning. Contact the gas station before stopping the kiln. Stop feeding first, and then gradually reduce the amount of gas according to the kiln temperature. The blower can be turned off only after the gas is turned off. After 16 hours of fire fighting, the kiln can be stopped and the cooling water can be turned off. When there is no load on the trough steel plate conveyor belt, stop the operation, and then stop the dust extractor after 2 minutes.

5、 Wear overalls and safety helmets when entering the kiln to dismantle the kiln skin or make circles (all lesbian braids shall be put into the safety helmets, and high-temperature shoes, gloves and masks shall be used to prevent burns or bumps caused by fireproof bricks or kiln skin). When checking (or cleaning) the pulverized coal bunker, there shall be no less than two people, so as to prevent fainting due to inhalation of a large amount of pulverized coal through the nostrils or poisoning due to inhalation of excessive co after entering the pulverized coal bunker.

6、 When the pulverized coal is natural outside the warehouse, the sulfur alkali fire extinguisher shall be used to extinguish the fire. It cannot be poured with water, because the pulverized coal is very fine and has fluidity. It flows like water under slight vibration. When poured with water, it is easy to disperse the pulverized coal and spread the fire. When the pulverized coal catches fire in the bunker, the coal mill shall be informed to stop feeding coal into the bunker immediately, and it is strictly prohibited to open the inlet hole to prevent contact with fresh oxygen. After the natural pulverized coal is used up, the bunker shall be cleared in time, and the pulverized coal can be put into the bunker only after the temperature in the bunker is normal.

7、 After drying the kiln, during the initial coal feeding after ignition, all personnel except the operator and relevant personnel shall leave the kiln head to prevent severe combustion of pulverized coal, expansion of gas volume, tempering and burn. After stopping the kiln, it is strictly prohibited to waterproof the kiln to prevent personal injury caused by steam explosion during kiln rotation. When removing the kiln skin, it is allowed to spray a small amount of water to the kiln skin for cooling, but when turning the kiln, no one is allowed to stand at the kiln head. "The red kiln must be stopped, and pressing and mending are strictly prohibited". This is to prevent the bending, deformation and oxidation of the kiln body. The deformation of the kiln body is not easy to build and supplement materials, and it is easy to cause rotation accidents during operation, affecting the operation cycle of the kiln and endangering the service life of the barrel.

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