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Iron Ore Dryer Production Line
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Iron Ore Dryer Production Line

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The iron ore dryer is reliable in operation, flexible in operation, strong in adaptability and large in handling capacity. Iron ore dryer, also known as rotary dryer, is generally applicable to granular materials, and can also be used to dry sticky, paste like materials or materials with high water content by partially mixing materials. The cover at both ends of the main engine of the rotary dryer is highly sealed, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The power consumption is only 30% of that of similar products, and the coal consumption is only 50%.

The iron ore dryer produced by our company can also be used for drying materials in cement, mining, building materials, chemical industry, grain, compound fertilizer production and other industries. The iron ore dryer is mainly composed of cylinder device, front and rear supporting wheel device, feeding and discharging device, transmission device and gear cover, etc.

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