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Turkish Customers Inspect Rotary Kiln Production Line
Get 2022 Latest Price List Online Turkish Customers Inspect Rotary Kiln Production Line

Turkish Customers Inspect Rotary Kiln Production Line

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Turkey's customers come here mainly to discuss rotary kiln equipment. The application of rotary kiln originated from cement production. In 1824, British cement worker J ASPP invented the intermittent operation of earth shaft kiln; in 1883, German Dietrich invented the continuous operation of multi-layer shaft kiln; in 1885, British eransome invented the rotary kiln, which was put into production after obtaining patents in Britain and the United States, and soon gained considerable economic benefits. The invention of rotary kiln makes the cement industry develop rapidly, at the same time, it also promotes the research on the application of rotary kiln. Soon, rotary kiln is widely used in many industrial fields, and becomes more and more important in these production, and becomes the core equipment of corresponding enterprises.

After visiting the factory, the customer gave us a high evaluation. Henan Hongke Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in one-stop service of rotary kiln design, production, installation and commissioning. With more than 20 years of production history, the company strives for excellence in technology based on the tenet of quality for survival and reputation for development, and has trained a large number of experienced and skilled professionals in the long-term production process. Especially in the design, production, installation, commissioning and other aspects of the rotary kiln, it is more powerful, and the after-sales service tracking is in place, which completely solves the problem of poor professional skills and many difficult problems and no professional guidance. Normal production operation is a key issue for quick profit creation. Ensure the installation and commissioning of a family, a successful family, and a responsible family.

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