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Uzbekistan Customers Order Cement Production Line
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Uzbekistan Customers Order Cement Production Line

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Work flow of cement production line

Limestone is commonly used in the process of cement preparation, but the limestone mined is generally large in size and needs to be broken. Generally speaking, the processing of limestone into cement requires four stages: raw meal preparation homogenization, pulverized coal preparation, clinker calcination and cement grinding.

1, raw meal preparation homogenization: natural limestone, clay and strange raw materials are crushed by a jaw crusher after a certain proportion of matching, and then after grinding by ball mill, it is allocated to raw ingredients with proper composition and uniform quality.

2. Preparation of pulverized coal: the coal required for calcining cement raw meal must be prepared into pulverized coal to provide the required particle size for pulverized coal combustion, so as to facilitate full combustion and obtain sufficient combustion reaction capacity. In this process, coal powder can be fed directly, and jaw crusher and ball mill will be used for processing.

3. Clinker calcination: the raw lime is calcined in the rotary kiln until it is partially melted to obtain lime clinker.

4. Cement grinding: the clinker is added with appropriate amount of gypsum, admixture or additives to grind together into cement, and package factory.

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