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Horizontal Ball Mill
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Horizontal Ball Mill

Product Specification: Φ900*1800-Ф5500×8500

Production Capacity: 0.65-2t/h-108-615t/h

Application Fields: Grinding various ores and other materials

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Horizontal ball mill is the key equipment for dry or wet grinding in iron ore, lead-zinc ore, copper ore, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, quartz sand and glass ceramics. The horizontal ball mill is relative to the vertical ball mill. In contrast, its performance is more stable, the operation is particularly simple, and the design is relatively novel. It has been unanimously favored by many users today. This article is based on its structure and advantages. , Quality and price, etc. to introduce the equipment in detail.

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Working principle of horizontal ball mill

 The horizontal ball mill grinds and disperses under airtight conditions to prevent solvent volatilization. The optimized design of the tank rotation speed of the machine can make the media balls in the grinding tank form a tilting movement to disperse materials, obtain the best grinding effect, and grind fine materials faster. The grinding barrel, inlet and outlet of the machine adopt disposable hot-cast wear-resistant polyurethane, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance, good sealing, low pollution, low noise, ultra-fineness, low consumption, convenient feeding and discharging, suitable for grinding , Mix high-purity materials.

Performance characteristics of horizontal ball mill

1. The horizontal ball mill is highly adaptable to materials;

2. It can continuously produce 24 hours without barriers;


3. Easy to adjust the fineness of the grinding product;


4. The rotating part has no gears and adopts central transmission to reduce equipment cost and maintenance rate. The cylinder body is equipped with wear-resistant liners, which has good wear resistance;


5. The operation is stable and sealed, with little pollution and low noise;


6. Using high manganese steel plate, super wear-resistant;


7. Optimized design of model, convenient for feeding and discharging.

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