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Lattice Ball Mill
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Lattice Ball Mill

Product Specification: Φ900*1800-Ф5500×8500

Production Capacity: 0.65-2t/h-108-615t/h

Application Fields: It is mainly used in mineral processing, ceramics, chemical industry, cement, glass, refractory and other industries. It is used for grinding lime, gypsum, sand, slag and other materials

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Lattice ball mill is composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotating part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other main parts. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, and the inner lining is removable. The large rotary gear is processed by casting gear hobbing. The cylinder is inlaid with wear-resistant liners, which has good wear resistance. The machine runs smoothly and works reliably. The lattice ball mill is very reasonable in terms of structural manufacturing, so it has more functions and more specific advantages. In the application process, its production capacity is quite large, and the benefits created for users are also higher. It is quite current for users. A popular grinding equipment.

Working principle of lattice ball mill

The working principle of the lattice ball mill is that the holes on the lattice liner are arranged obliquely, and the width of the holes gradually expands toward the discharge end, which can prevent the backflow of the slurry and the blockage of coarse particles. The ore pulp flows into the fan-shaped chamber through the pores on the grid liner at the lower part of the discharge end, and then goes to the upper part with the cylinder and is discharged along the tunnel. The hollow shaft journal is inlaid with a wear-resistant inner sleeve, and one end is made of a horn-shaped blade, so as to guide the slurry to flow out of the mill along the blade. Because the pulp of this kind of mill is discharged through the grid plate discharge device, it is called grid ball mill.

Performance characteristics of lattice ball mill

1. The transmission of the ball mill adopts rolling bearings instead of sliding bearings, the friction is greatly reduced, the starting is easy, and the energy saving is significant;

2. Its discharge end adopts a cone design, which not only increases the volume, but also forces the steel ball at the cone end to be classified. The closer to the outlet, the smaller the diameter of the steel ball, which increases the effect of repeated grinding and reduces the fineness of the material. Further improve;

3. It adopts grooved ring-shaped liner, which increases the contact surface of ball ore, strengthens the grinding effect, and has the ability to lift the ore, reducing the work;

4. It adopts an integral frame, which is convenient for civil construction and equipment installation.

Lattice ball mill installation and test run

1. The equipment should be installed on a level concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.

2. Pay attention to the verticality between the main body and the horizontal when installing.

3. After installation, check whether the bolts in each part are loose and whether the door of the main engine is tight. If so, please tighten it.

4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the equipment.

5. After the inspection is completed, a no-load test run is performed, and the test run is normal and production can be started.

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