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Jaw Crusher
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Jaw Crusher

Product Specification: PE-150×250-PEX-300×1300

Production Capacity: 1-2200t/h

Application Fields: limestone, fly ash, coal powder, slag, clay.

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1、 Overview of Hongke jaw crusher

Crusher is an indispensable equipment for crushing ore process, especially jaw crusher. After continuous practice and improvement, the structure of jaw crusher is basically the same. However, the jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, easy production, convenient maintenance and low cost. So it is still widely used in mineral processing, building materials and other fields. Jaw crusher is generally used in mineral processing industry to break hard or medium hard ores roughly and moderately. It also has fine crushing effect in small mines.

2、 Process flow chart of jaw crusher:

Process flow chart of jaw crusher

3、 Our jaw crusher:

Note: the jaw crusher is commonly known as eboo, in fact, both refer to the same crusher equipment.

The advantages of the jaw crusher are: large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable operation, simple maintenance and low operating cost.

4、 Scope of application:

Jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of ores and bulk materials with medium size. It is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. The maximum compressive strength of crushed material is 320MPa.

5、 Common jaw crusher types:

There are about 100 kinds of jaw crushers, but their motion properties are not more than simple pendulum and compound pendulum. The former is mostly made into large or medium-sized ones with a crushing ratio of 3-6. Jaw crusher appeared in the United States in 1858, and has developed rapidly in the past 130 years. Various new products are emerging, such as: BLM negative support jaw crusher; Kue crusher; bui inertial impact jaw crusher; zero suspension single elbow plate jaw crusher. These products are widely used modern cutting-edge technology, such as: cavity computer optimization design; hydraulic control technology; sliding bearing changed to rolling bearing; hydraulic bearing and overload protection; reducing eccentricity and increasing swing frequency to achieve fine crushing; using laminated crushing principle to improve product particle size to achieve large crushing ratio; changing suspension and support mode to change moving jaw movement state to improve Ability to reduce wear and so on.

6、 Working principle and operation precautions:

When the crusher works, the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the belt pulley to make the moving jaw close to and leave the fixed jaw periodically, so as to crush, rub and grind the materials, so as to make the materials from large to small, and gradually drop down until discharged from the discharge port.

Due to the limitation of performance (negative support, zero suspension) and mechanical structure of the machine, the mosaic structure of single and double ear movable jaw is adopted in the design, which makes the structure of the machine very compact.

(1) Adjustment of discharge port: the width of discharge opening of double chamber and double action jaw crusher can be adjusted at any time according to the user's needs. By adjusting the position of the elbow plate (adjusted by two pairs of bolt jacks on the side of the machine), the required size of the discharge port can be obtained by adjusting the position of the elbow plate (adjusted by two pairs of bolt jacks on the side of the machine), and then loosening the bolt top screw to obtain the required discharge port size. The adjustment range of the discharge port is 5-30mm.

(2) Feeding adjustment device: a feeding hopper is set on the upper part of the machine, and a feed regulating baffle is set in the middle of the hopper. The baffle can be adjusted to the side of the main and crushing cavities, and its function is to control the feeding amount in the two crushing cavities by the tilt angle of the plate.

(3) Reset spring: the mosaic structure of single and double ear movable jaw is adopted in the design of the machine. Compared with the traditional crusher, the structure is completely different. The setting of the reset spring is limited by its structure, so it can only be used in the current way. It is pre tensioned in the form of tension spring in the rear middle of the two moving jaws.

(4) Overload protection: the overload protection design of pssl50x 400 double chamber and double action jaw crusher refers to the structure of the traditional negative support jaw crusher. The bracket seat and the frame are a body, and the elbow plate is hinged on the frame and moving jaw, so as to play the role of overload protection.

7、 Specifications and performance parameters of jaw crusher:

ModelFeed opening 
Max.feeding size 
Adjusting range of discharge opening 
Processing capacity 
Rotation speed of eccentric shaft 
Motor power 
Total weight 

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