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Pig Manure Rotary Dryer
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Pig Manure Rotary Dryer

Product Specification: Φ800×7m-Φ3200×9m

Production Capacity: 1.0-1.5t/h-18-20t/h

Application Fields: It is suitable for pig farms and developed areas

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With the rapidly development of animal husbandry and planting industry,many large scale livestock farm springing up in many places.the animal waste turn to the major pollution source, for it can not be deal with in time.Improper handing of large straw also affect rural people’s life, one hand, it may lead to environment pollution,another hand,it may affect the quality of the farm product. In recent ten years,though research institution and related department work together to create many kinds of organic fertilizers treatment equipment that help to reduce the pollution in some degree, all of that have their limitations.far away to meet the requirement that environment protection,resource reuse industrialization and sustainable developing agriculture. Now need a group of organic fertilizers enterprise to realize organic matter which in the animal waste,straw, rubbish rapid fermentation,no secondary pollution, environmental protection and energy saving, large production. In response to this demand, Hongke company have researched and created the pig manure dryer successfully to solve the problem.

The rotary dryer is a type of industrial dryer employed to reduce or minimize the liquid moisture content of the material it is handling by bringing it into direct contact with a heated gas.

Manure Dryer, also known as paddle agitated rotary drum dryer, rake roller dryer, rotary rake drum dryer, and rotary paddle drum dryer. The machine has kept the ordinary drum advantages of the dryer, it is custom designed suit to the disadvantage of the moisture is more than 50% weak stick, sticking material drying, and the drum center "black hole" phenomenon lead to the unit area evaporation capacity is inefficiency and high fuel consumption etc. Increasing the high-speed rotation of the blade, strengthen the material grinding and decentralized function, and fill the drum center "black hole". The material surface area fully expanded, to maximize heat transfer between the material and drying air. Because of the material particles to minimize and the heat transfer evaporation rate greatly improved.

Pig Manure Dryer Machine Features:

1) This Manure dryer can realize the automatic and intelligent control, the operation parameters can be automatic control, the dryer is always in the best condition to running, it can be ensure uniform drying out of the raw material moisture is stability.

2) The inside of Manure rotary dryer has the unique flights to hits and tumbling the materials. In order to maximize efficiency of heat transfer between the material and drying air. The output of equipment increase more than 50% and the fuel energy consumption decrease more than 30%.

3) This machine uses four-wheel drive assembly. The driving is more stable and reliable. 

4) The spatial footprint of general rotary drum dryer less footprint about 40%. The civil investment reduced about 40%. The equipment cost decrease about 20%.

5) The internal structure of the dryer use various efficient flight patterns. It can efficiency adjust the feed and heat distribution. The high heat efficiency, waste are exhausted temperature is lower than 50 ℃.

6) Adopts frequency motor control the material flow, heat supply, and drum rotate speed. It can easily adjust according to the needs of the outlet material moisture content and equipment output.

7) This type dryer use the modular dust collector purifying and heat recycling assembly. It is safe and protect environmental.

8) The Manure dryer is several options for new type energy-saving hot air furnace, high efficiency and energy saving, heating can be control, simple operation, energy consumption decrease about 30%, power consumption reduce 20%, and lower operation costs.

Hongke company can provide a rotary drum dryer for just about any industrial drying application. . We have been installing dryers for many years and have the knowledge and experience required to provide a cost effective drying solution that not only works but works well.

Pig Manure Rotary Dryer Technical Parameter

Early Moisture
Final Moisture
Main Power
Agitator Power
Fan Power

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