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Sand Dryer
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Sand Dryer

Product Specification: Φ2.0×6-Φ4.2*8.5

Production Capacity: 20-25~75-99

Application Fields: Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical industry, cement and other industries

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Sand drying machine is also known as Sand dryer, sand rotary dryer. Sand dryer is a kind of material handling a large dryer. Due to the reliable operation, simple operation, strong adaptability, large capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, small investment, quick effect, widely used in building materials, chemical, foundry, wall insulation, etc., can adapt various fuels, such as coal, oil, gas, and so.

Sand dryer features:

1, equipment investment is wind foreign imports by 20%, manganese wear-resistant plate manufacturing, than ordinary steel wear 3-4 times.


2, the initial moisture content of 15%, final moisture to ensure that 0.5-1% is the following, is a cement plant slag powder, dry and wet mortar production line and other kinds of drying engineering preferred products.

3, than the traditional single drum dryer to improve thermal efficiency of more than 40%.

4, the fuel can adapt to coal gangue and anthracite, bituminous coal, oil and gas. Can bake 20-40 block material, pellets, powder material.

5, compared to the single tube drying to reduce the area of about 60%. Construction investment in soil decreased by about 60%, and the installation is convenient.

6, no leakage phenomenon, completely solved the difficulty of sealing.

7, the discharge temperature less than 60 degrees, can be directly into the database, without cooling cooling shed.

8, the outer cylinder temperature less than 60 degrees, the temperature of the exhaust gas is less than 120 degrees, the bag dust removal equipment used for a long time more than 2 times. 


Technical Parameters of Sand Dryer

Equipment specificationφ2.0×6mφ2.5×6.5mφ2.7×7mφ3×7mφ3.2×7mφ3.6×8mφ4.2×8.5m
Cylinder diameter (m)
Cylinder length (m)66.577788.5
Volume of cylinder (m3)18.8431.8940.549.4656.2681.38118
Cylinder speed (rpm)3-103-103-103-103-103-103-10
Residence Time (min)12-3012-3012-3012-3012-3012-3012-30
Water Content (%)6-256-256-256-256-256-256-25
Material End Water (%)≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1
Max intake temperature (℃)750-900℃750-900℃750-900℃750-900℃750-900℃750-900℃750-900℃
Capacity (T/H)slag20-2525-3030-3535-1040-4550-6570-85
fly ash10-1717-2120-2523-2725-3030-4545-63
Motor modelYr160m-4Yr132m-4EYr160m-4Yr160m-4Yr132m-5EYr160m-4EYr160m-4E
Motor power (kw)7.5×211×27.5×47.5×411×415×418.5×4
Reducer modelXWD-6XWD-6XWD-6XWD-6XWD-6XWD-8XWD-8
Speed Ratio (I)17-2917-2917-2917-2917-2917-2917-29
Equipment weight (T)25323538435777

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