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Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) Rotary Kiln
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Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) Rotary Kiln

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Clay is mainly distributed in rocks and soils all over the world. It is a kind of mineral raw material formed by the weathering of silicate minerals on the earth's surface. Clay mainly contains hydrated silicate, alumina, alkali metal oxides and so on. Now clay is mainly used to make ceramic products and refractory materials.

Reasonable use of clay requires clay calcination. Clay rotary kiln is a better equipment for clay calcination, which makes clay processing more convenient. Today, we will analyze the clay rotary kiln in detail.

Excellent performance of clay rotary kiln

1. Reasonable design and stable operation -- the clay rotary kiln shell is supported by supporting device, the cylinder will not shake back and forth, and the equipment operates stably. In addition, the equipment has strong degree of automation and good controllability. The equipment is equipped with dual devices of main drive and auxiliary transmission, which can effectively ensure the continuous rotation of the equipment.

2. High efficiency, good effect - the performance of clay rotary kiln is superior, the treatment yield of clay is high, the effect is good, the strength grade of clay product material is high, and the quality is high.

3. Solid and durable, long service life -- clay rotary kiln body is made of high hard special materials, with strong wear resistance and high bearing capacity, which can greatly extend the service life of the equipment.

4. Good sealing effect and low energy consumption: the kiln head and tail of clay rotary kiln are equipped with strict sealing device, with strong sealing performance, high utilization rate of heat energy, sufficient absorption of heat energy and low energy consumption.

5. Safety, environmental protection and no pollution -- the clay rotary kiln body is sealed, there is no air leakage during the calcination process, no dust is generated, and the noise is low, which can effectively improve the working environment of the production site and ensure the health of the operators.

Composition and structure of clay rotary kiln

The clay rotary kiln has simple structure and compact combination. The equipment mainly includes rotary cylinder, sealing device, supporting wheel device, blocking wheel device, supporting device, etc.

The clay material is fed into the cylinder from the feeding pipe. Due to the inclined position of the cylinder, with the rotary force, the clay material rolls along the circumferential direction for compound movement. Through the decomposition and burning process in the kiln, the clay material is discharged from the bottom of the cylinder after the clay clinker is burnt, so as to complete the clay calcination operation.

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