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Titanium Dioxide Calcining Kiln
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Titanium Dioxide Calcining Kiln

Product Specification: Φ2.5×40-Φ6.0×95

Production Capacity: 30-800t/h

Application Fields: The rotary kiln is mainly used for the magnetization roasting of lean iron ore in the metallurgical industry; the oxidation roasting of chromium and nickel iron ore; the roasting of high alumina bauxite in the refractory plant and the roasting of clinker and aluminum hydroxide in the aluminum plant.

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The titanium dioxide calcining kiln is similar to the rotary kiln in the alumina, cement and other industries. Its cylinder is made of rolled steel plate and is lined with refractory lining to form a specified angle with the horizontal line. Three rectangular tyres are sleeved on the cylinder and supported on each gear supporting device. A tangential spring plate is used to fix a large gear ring on the cylinder near the intermediate wheel belt, and a small gear is meshed with it at the lower 30o. During normal operation, the main drive motor transmits power to the open gear device via the main reducer to drive the rotary kiln.

The working principle of titanium dioxide calcining kiln:

    The titanium dioxide calcining kiln feeds the filtered titanium dioxide hydrolysate filter cake into the end of the kiln body with a certain slope and slowly rotating (the high end of the cylinder), and the combustion mixing chamber in the direction of the kiln head (the low end of the cylinder) will Clean flame and hot air are blown into the kiln to dehydrate and calcin the filter cake. The hydrolyzed titanium dioxide filter cake after being dehydrated and calcined at a high temperature of over 1000°C uses the inclined rotary kiln body to roll in the circumferential direction and move in the axial direction (from the high end to the low end) to continuously complete the process of dehydration and calcination. Finally, it enters the cooler through the double hydraulic turnover plate discharge valve at the lower part of the kiln head cover, and the material after cooling and screening is the finished product of titanium dioxide.

Precautions before installation of titanium dioxide calcining kiln:

1. The cleaning site should choose a place with less dust, good ventilation, away from fire, and close to the installation location.

2. When cleaning the parts to be disassembled, mark or number the parts that cooperate with each other to avoid confusion.

3. The dismantled parts should be kept properly, and they should not be damaged, rusted or lost.

4. Pay attention to fire prevention when cleaning, and smoking is strictly prohibited.

5. Anti-rust oil such as petroleum jelly and yellow glycerin on the processing surface of the rotary kiln equipment can be scraped off with bamboo or wood chips, and then cleaned with washing oil. It is not allowed to use other metal equipment for degreasing.

6. The anti-rust paint on the processing surface of the rotary kiln equipment should be removed with a paint remover first, and then cleaned with washing oil. It is not allowed to use emery cloth, wire brush or other ceramsite sand rotary kiln metal equipment to remove paint.

Matters needing attention during pickling:

  ①The pickling site should choose a place with less dust, well ventilated, far away from fire and close to water source.

  ② Operators should wear acid-resistant overalls, foot covers, latex gloves, etc. to prevent burns.

  ③ Regardless of preparing pickling liquid or in pickling work, the action should be gentle and the workpiece should be handled gently and slowly to prevent acid splashing and hurting people.

  ④The pickling work should be carried out continuously without interruption, otherwise the effect will be affected.

8. The cleaning site should be kept clean, and waste oil and waste liquid should not be wiped or dumped indiscriminately.

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