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Fly Ash Ceramsite Production Line
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Fly Ash Ceramsite Production Line

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The fly ash sintering ceramsite technology and process equipment to be adopted in the project have obvious technical advantages in the same industry and similar industries, such as: the blending ratio of fly ash in the product is ≥ 95%; the finished product is qualified ≥ 90%; the application range of fly ash is wide; there is no or less bonding materials in the pelletizing process; the product quality is better than the national standard, with small investment, low cost, high degree of automation and energy conservation and environmental protection Comprehensive utilization of fly ash industry to achieve circular economy, to achieve sustainable development of technical support. It provides "package services" including process design, equipment manufacturing and supporting, equipment installation and debugging, product production, ceramsite product application technology and later technical support.

Performance characteristics of fly ash ceramsite production line:

The sintered ceramsite product has stable performance and wide application. The sintered fly ash ceramsite belongs to the category of light aggregate or high-strength lightweight aggregate. After high-temperature sintering, its formation process can effectively eliminate the carbon content and other harmful components in fly ash. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, stable performance, heat insulation, heat and corrosion resistance, porous water retention and non softening.

Project energy conservation and environmental protection

(1) Energy saving and environmental protection in the production process: a large amount of fly ash can be consumed in the production process, which can effectively reduce or eliminate the emission of industrial waste, reduce the occupation of cultivated land and turn waste into treasure; the process is equipped with centralized dust collection system, and any dust point can be controlled, and the final flue gas emission meets the national requirements (80mg / m3), without noise and sewage discharge; in the sintering process, general pulverized coal is used The ash loss on ignition can meet the heat requirement of roasting without additional fuel;

(2) Energy saving and environmental protection: the fly ash ceramsite produced by this process has good thermal insulation performance, and the thermal conductivity of ceramsite concrete is reduced by more than 40% compared with the ordinary concrete of the same grade, which is conducive to the realization of energy saving goal of the house; the dust content of the finished ceramsite is less than 2%, and there will be no dust pollution during the use.

Working principle of fly ash ceramsite production line:

The basic principle of fly ash sintered ceramsite: the mixture of fly ash is transformed into spherical particles through the pelletizing process. Under the action of high temperature above 1000 ℃, the oxides such as silicon and aluminum in the fly ash are in the melting state in the particles, and the lightweight ceramsite aggregate is formed after cooling. Fly ash sintered ceramsite overcomes the inherent defects of fly ash, and its performance (durability) is stable.

Due to the special technology, the quality and performance of sintered ceramsite are better than other sintered ceramsite products, such as: particle shape coefficient ≤ 1.2 (other 1.4-2.0), no surface burst, no need to be broken for direct use, 24-hour water absorption ≤ 15%, etc.

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